Very beautiful French manicure.
Nails blue with a beautiful autumn pattern.
This is a nail art design with seashell and starfish patterns.
This is the nail design blue. These nails are oval and short.
Ideas of a beautiful manicure with a pattern of mittens. Season Autumn Winter 2017/2018.
Simple nail design, blue and lilac ombre on oval nails.
An example of a tip with snowflakes and rhinestones.
Winter manicure is a simple idea with a picture of snowflakes and a bear cub.
Nail design magnetic nail polish cat's eye.
Nail design photo on a background of flowers.

This section contains the most beautiful and exciting blue nail art designs. They are presented both by skilled professional and amateur masters. This color is quite popular among ladies of different ages with nails of various shapes and size. Be ready to enjoy the color of sea and sky right on your fingers.


Select light or dark blue nail designs, and find out their short descriptions. Here you will learn about the most suitable seasons or events for any of these patterns. You can try navy blue nail designs for summer or blue Christmas nail designs for winter holidays. There are also universal patterns for every day, such as sky blue nail designs with or without acrylic. You should pay attention that our site provides the ability to leave your reply. We will answer any your questions according the technologies or materials which are used for these blue nail polish designs creation. Enjoy the excellent nail design masters’ works, and strike everyone with the beauty of your fingers with really royal blue nail designs on!