Very beautiful French manicure.
Nail design chic pathos decorated with spikes.
It is the design of nails with frosted nail polish. Oval shape of the tips.
This beautiful beige color manicure. Made by the technology of gold casting gel for nails.
This is a simple French manicure 2017. Black and gold nail polish.
Design nails 2017 №186
Design nails 2017 №173
Chic manicure on short nails. Nail polish is black and gold. Decoration with rhinestones.
Scarlet manicure with gold sparkles.
Step-by-step geometric design of nails with gold foil.
Step-by-step design of nails with the image of a goldfish.
Purple nail design with round spangles
nail art french manicure designs
Golden and blue manicure with rhinestones on casting pattern