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Cool nail designs pigment Mermaid 2017

Pigment Glitter

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Comments: 17
  1. brenda

    could someone please tell me what color nail polish is on the top white nails Mermaid 2017

  2. Michelle

    It is mermaid powder pigment which is burnished in the other colour

    1. Sonya

      Can you tell me the base coat color and what about the powder? Is it just faded in? Thanks!

  3. Vasiliki

    Hi Michelle.
    I fell in love with these nails! Can you send me a link where you bought the mermaid powder pigment and what is the base colour?

    Thanks :)

  4. Anna Padron

    Hi I would like you to send me the information where I can get the mermaid party white pigment my name is anna padron

  5. Rosa van der Merwe

    Where di I get the pearly white nail polish.
    Rosa van der Merwe

  6. Tiffany

    What is this color and could I get it in No chip?

  7. Ligia

    Hi I loved those nails….
    Could you send the steps and the products used?

    1. Connie best

      I love these nails could you send me the link to how to do them

  8. Glenna

    I too would like the mermaid nail style nails. May I have the info pertaining to them?

  9. Michelle

    Can you do this over a pink and white powder ? What color is underneath the chrome ? Would you be able to send me the info please ?

  10. Evelyn

    Where can I buy this nail polish

  11. JoAnn

    Can I get the info in this mermaid color too
    Thank you

  12. YD

    Do you have a video for this nail? What products did you use?

  13. Doreen M

    Is the pearl just the top coat or is it in the powder? I’d really love to know the colors used.

  14. Olia

    Hi, is so beautiful nails,you van tell me how do do it and wat is the product (s) plaese

  15. Anneke

    Beautiful…. Where can i buy this products and can you tell me how to do it…Thx

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