Butterfly pattern in manicure is considered to be among the most popular topics along with flowers and geometric images. These tiny and incredibly beautiful creatures symbolize beauty, tenderness and fragility — all those qualities that are inherent in women. Here is the examples of the most popular and exciting nail design with butterflies. These various propositions provide the widest choice due to the colors, shapes, technologies, seasons and events.

Exciting fly with Nail Butterfly

The butterfly patterns, which are presented at this page, provide the widest range of tools and instruments. They emphasize the manicure originality and individuality. The world of nail butterflies is created with the help of such “assistants”, as special foil, holographic film, rhinestones, sequins and stucco elements.

The best masters of art design use Shattered Glass, Velvet Sand, Cat Eyes, Transparent Drops, 3D and other complex manicure technologies, which make their tiny winged creatures as if they are alive. And for those who do not have outstanding ability to draw the best alternative is in special ready-made special stickers. The other variant for amateurs is the stamping technology.

Butterfly patterns suit for any shape and size of nails. There is no difference if you prefer square, oval, squoval or some other nail form. Skilled manicure master has the best butterflies in her (or his) “magic cage” for everyone. As for the size of nails, there should be mentioned some specialties. For example, short nails butterflies should be the tiniest and the most modest creatures, without a lot of colors and ornaments.

And vice versa if you deal with medium or long nails you can get free your imagination. Bright butterflies or the fragments of wings patterns on accent fingers can be complimented with other variable patterns or with monophonic nail cover. In a word, butterflies are a wonderful subject for manicure. It is independent of the time of the year, of the length of the nails, or of the age of its possessor or her everyday style. Therefore, there is no reason to refuse of trying on such a manicure — it will suit both you and others!