This manicure is gently pink.
Here you can see how to correctly combine the colors of nail polish.
It is gray and pink nail polish. Geometric manicure.
Simple nail design with foil tapes.
The nail design is white and blue ombre.
Design nails 2017 №203
Design nails 2017 №187
Design nails 2017 №177
Shimmering blue nail polish. And sequins of a hexagonal shape on a white background.
Step-by-step geometric design of nails with gold foil.
What a beautiful idea of geometric nail art with stripes for everyday!
What a fantastic idea of geometric art design for square nails!
I’m pleasantly shocked with this original geometric nail art design
Surely the best idea of geometric nail art for long squoval nails
I admire this combination of colors in geometric nail art design!
What an original idea of geometric nail art for real business ladies!
Wow, how beautiful this lilac geometric nail art with velvet sand!
I admire with this geometric nail art patterns combination!
This is really royal geometric nail design with rhinestones!
What a beautiful geometric interlacing of violet and white shades!