Ideas of a beautiful manicure with a pattern of mittens. Season Autumn Winter 2017/2018.
This is an idea for the design of winter nails 2018. Snowflakes with rhinestones are very beautiful.
An example of a tip with snowflakes and rhinestones.
Winter manicure is a simple idea with a picture of snowflakes and a bear cub.
This is the design of winter nails 2017 with a pattern of snowflakes. The main color of nail polish is blue and mettalic.
This is a good idea for winter nail design. Figure on the nails of mittens. Dark red nail polish.
Design nails 2017 №194
Design nails 2017 №188
Design nails 2017 №176
knit sweater nails
Cute nail design with a deer for Christmas. Black matt nail polish.
4 photos step by step we are drawing watches for the New Year's design of nails.
Winter nail design.
A detailed step-by-step photo. The idea of a winter manicure with Christmas balls.
This is a figure skating on the nails.
Beautiful winter nail art with a snowflake pattern. Rhinestones in the center of a snowflake. The color is red and white.
Pink nail design with a cat pattern in a knitted cap