Nail design in nude style.
This is a moon manicure, a gentle nail polish pink and coral.
This is the nail design blue. These nails are oval and short.
I like this cute autumn nail art with a picture of an umbrella and a falling maple leaf.
It is the design of nails with frosted nail polish. Oval shape of the tips.
This is an autumn brown manicure with flower roses with rhinestones.
Ideas of a beautiful manicure with a pattern of mittens. Season Autumn Winter 2017/2018.
This manicure is gently pink.
Simple nail design, blue and lilac ombre on oval nails.
The nail design is simple with a shimmering nail polish.
Simple nail design with foil tapes.
Orange nail polish on round nails of medium length.
Manicure French simple on short nails.
The nail design is pink decorated with a round glitter.
Winter manicure is a simple idea with a picture of snowflakes and a bear cub.
Nail design magnetic nail polish cat's eye.
Options for decorating the nail design.