Design of nails with a pattern of falling autumn leaves.

Collection of art designs for short nails provides the greatest variety of ideas. Here you will find special patterns of different styles which are designed with different technologies. Enjoy the original gameplay of colors and shapes, the beauty of ideas and the emotional power of every picture. Let’s discuss some specialties and advantages of short nails art designs.

Accurate short nails are considered to be the most difficult base for manicure masters. This is, first of all, because of the limited place for pictures, which demands the highest level of skills and the richest imagination. The cutest patterns must express as much as it is only possible. Masters do their best to make these short nails designs original and expressive. Pay attention, that in spite of the difficulties in creating such manicure, art designs for short nails enjoy wide popularity. This is because many jobs and occupations are characterized with prohibition for long size of nails. So, select your variant and design your short nails with one of these patterns!