Design of nails with a pattern of falling autumn leaves.
It is the design of nails with a pattern of cherries in milk.
This French manicure is white.
This is the Galactic nail design on the background of a black matte nail polish.
This is a cute nail design with a picture of the kitten's legs.
This is an autumn manicure of yellow color with a drawing of a falling leaf.
This beautiful beige color manicure. Made by the technology of gold casting gel for nails.
This is an idea for the design of winter nails 2018. Snowflakes with rhinestones are very beautiful.
It is gray and pink nail polish. Geometric manicure.
This is a black French manicure. On the nails is a drawing of butterflies.
The art nail design is very beautiful with a butterfly pattern. Vintage style.
The nail design is delicious. Ideas for inspiration and creation of white and pink nail design.
Nail design photo on a background of flowers.
Design of nails with a pattern of constellations. Good white bear.
This design of nails is like my girlfriends.
This is a simple French manicure 2017. Black and gold nail polish.
This is the design of winter nails 2017 with a pattern of snowflakes. The main color of nail polish is blue and mettalic.
The nail design 2017 is red, short.
French manicure with black and white patterns decorated with rhinestones.
This is a good idea for winter nail design. Figure on the nails of mittens. Dark red nail polish.

Collection of art designs for nails of squoval shape contains the greatest number of various patterns. Each of them was created by talented and skilled manicure master with using the most effective technologies and the best materials which are available at modern market. This section of the catalogue provides both the pictures of these exciting patterns and short descriptions for each of them. So, you can not only admire with original squoval nail designers, but also try any of them for your own fingers.

Squoval shape of nails is quite suitable for art designers. There is enough place for pictures and the width of such nail plane is quite enough for the richest pictures. Here you will find nail designs for squoval short, middle and long nails. They suit for various seasons and events, and provide the greatest variety of topics. Enjoy the most original combinations of colored polish gel, unique technologies and magnificent ideas of designers!