This page contains the great variety of Cat Eyes nail design patterns presented by the best professional manicure masters. Here you will find a lot of original ideas which were realized for short, middle and long nails of various shapes and styles. They were created with the help of special magnet and ultraviolet lamp, and you can make such patterns for your nails by yourselves.

Cat Eyes (or Cat Eye) technology of manicure appeared some years ago. But it became very popular as fast as it was only possible. The secret of its popularity is in its versatility. Because of the exciting gloss and chic depth of color Cat Eyes technology does not require additional decor and looks perfectly on short nails. That is why it is indispensable as a strict style office nail art. But if you add a little velvet sand, rhinestones or some original pictures for some fingers, you will get a luxurious manicure for some events or parties.