Very beautiful French manicure.
This is a nail design with a picture of a black cat and decorated with rhinestones. Nail polish is delicate purple.
This is a simple step-by-step advice for the design of nails with a picture of a little girl.
This is an autumn brown manicure with flower roses with rhinestones.
This is a cute nail design with a picture of the kitten's legs.
These are examples of manicure on tips. Many shades of green, the patterns are beautiful.
This is an idea for the design of winter nails 2018. Snowflakes with rhinestones are very beautiful.
Nail design Step by step how to draw a bikini. The idea for beach manicure.
An example of a tip with snowflakes and rhinestones.
This design of nails is like my girlfriends.
Options for decorating the nail design.
French manicure with black and white patterns decorated with rhinestones.
Design of short nails with large rhinestones.
Oval nails with rhinestones. Matte nail polish. Gray popular color for autumn manicure.
Design nails 2017 №201
Design nails 2017 №199
Design nails 2017 №197
Design nails 2017 №196